F.A.C.E. (Fine Arts County of Effingham) originated in 1974, formed by individuals who felt a desire for artistic expression and wished to join with others in performing and advancing the overall awareness of the arts. These volunteers set a campaign to promote and encourage the development of drama, painting, music, and dance in the Effingham area.

Today, F.A.C.E. has expanded its exposure, production and involvement in the artistic affairs in Effingham. Our community now has an opportunity to participate, enjoy or sponsor programs of orchestral and choral music, as well as theatrical performances. In addition, F.A.C.E. offers annual scholarships to area students to further education and exposure to chosen mediums of artistic interest.

F.A.C.E. is a not for profit organization governed by a Board of Directors from the Effingham County area. These volunteers devote their time and resources to ensure this organization flourishes and respond to the creative needs of Effingham county. This Board also works closely with the Effingham Art Guild for the extension of the visual and physical arts medium.

Our organization welcomes anyone who desires to participate in the purpose of this group. F.A.C.E. nurtures these volunteers in directing, acting, stagecraft, lighting, sound, and costume design as well as all other aspects of production. Musical and vocal participants can enjoy the opportunity to perfect their craft as well.